Tojo’s Restaurant – 6 Course Omakase for $120

I’ve already reviewed Tojo’s previously — link here but it’s been a few years since then so I’ll just keep it brief with a simple photo gallery, descriptions, and some of my comments.

We ordered the 6 course omakase meal (plus dessert) for $120 per person.

1. Sashimi Plate

  • Yellowfin – Loved it. Great texture.
  • Toro – Clean. Nice layer of fat.
  • Tuna – Buttery.
  • Salmon – Loved it. Nice first start to a meal.
  • Snapper – Whet the appetite.
Sashimi Plate, Tempura, Scallop & Fish

2. Tempura

  • Maple Leaf Flower – Airy.
  • White Asparagus – Mild.
  • Snow Crab – Really good.
  • Smelt – Unique.

Tojo’s is definitely a place that knows how to do tempura right. The technique is excellent. The batter is not too heavy and you can really appreciate the individual ingredients used. The first thing that strikes you is the fragrance from the special sauce.

3. Sakura Plate

  • Smoked salmon – Good but halibut was much better.
  • Halibut – Flavourful. Perfect amount of smokiness. Melts in the mouth.
  • Bamboo shoot – Surprising bite. Crisp and refreshing.
  • Shrimp – Sweet.
  • Lobster – Star of the dish.
  • Baby squid – Not too chewy.
  • Clam – Fresh.

The cherry blossom sauce is only available during cherry blossom season. It’s worth making a trip to Tojo’s at this time if you’re contemplating on going. The combination of sauces takes this dish to a new level.

4. Smoked Sablefish

There’s a whole lot of excitement as you are presented with this dish and you get to unwrap it yourself. The sablefish was steamed and lightly smoked. It had such good flavor and with the light music in the background, you feel like you are silently savouring the flavours. Even the vegetables stuffing the sablefish were as good as the fish itself.

5. Scallop & Fish

Scallop with abalone mushroom, zucchini-wrapped fish, and big flounder. This was the perfect end before dessert. Every bite was savoured. The scallop was dressed in a white miso sauce with kinome leaves on top. The fish was reminiscent of aburi-style from Miku.

6. Nigiri Plate

Geoduck, prawn, sea urchin, toro, white fish from Japan, salmon. The sea urchin had a pleasantly surprising creamy texture. The toro was the best of the bunch.

7. Dessert – “Hamburger”

Matcha ice cream and red bean paste. This was a fantastic combination of flavours. The red bean was particularly bursting with flavour and tasted great with the buns and ice cream.

This was yet another fantastic meal at Tojo’s. The servers were constantly attentive throughout our time here without being intrusive. The 6th course which was the nigiri sushi didn’t feel as out of the ordinary compared to the other dishes. However, we had fish that we would normally never get which was a treat. Tojo’s will always be one of my favourite restaurants here in Vancouver.


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