Glenburn Soda Fountain & Confectionery

Glenburn is a retro diner-style cafe on Hastings, Burnaby serving up all sorts of sweet treats including ice cream, sundaes, milkshakes, sodas, and floats. They have a vast variety of options under each of these categories but my family and I were most interested in their specialty sundae menu (not pictured here but available on their website).


Even that was difficult to choose from, as everything sounded so yummy! Eventually, we decided on the O.M.G. Brownie sundae ($9.75).

O.M.G. Brownie ($9.75)

This was a house-baked gluten-free brownie at the base with a scoop of caramel pecan fudge ice cream topped with whipped cream and a peanut butter sauce. Doesn’t it sound so decadent? I’m actually not a huge fan of brownies but it was really yummy! Even though the brownie was gluten-free, it was still moist with a good texture and fudge flavour. I especially loved the caramel pecan fudge ice cream; it was just the right amount of sweetness for me. If I’m not up for something so heavy as a sundae, I wouldn’t mind just getting a scoop of this ice cream for next time.

Sweet & Salty Pretzel ($9)

We also got the Sweet & Salty Pretzel sundae ($9). This was a vanilla and caramel pecan fudge ice cream layered with butterscotch sauce and crushed salty pretzels and of course, topped with whipped cream. I liked the contrast of the sweet and salty here – I never realized that pretzels would go so well with ice cream until I had this! The butterscotch was nice too but it can definitely become overly sweet if you have too much. Perhaps in moderation, this can be enjoyed better.

I enjoyed the desserts but I wish there were more tables available! They only had two small tables at the front and the rest was counter seating which was also limited for such a busy shop. Granted, the place isn’t very large but it makes it difficult to enjoy something like a sundae if you can’t sit down to eat it. If you’re just having a regular ice cream or milkshake it’s not as much of an issue because these can easily be eaten outside. Otherwise, I recommend checking out this place if you’re in the area looking for something sweet to eat!


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