Tom Sushi

Tom Sushi is a new restaurant that recently opened on Vancouver’s Davie Street. This actually used to be another Japanese restaurant called Bistro Hatzu which I also liked but it looks like it moved to a new location closer to Main Street. I’m so glad a new sushi joint opened up here though! There are several other options around the area but so far, none have really satisfied my taste.

The interior was bright, welcoming, and looked spacious. Their menu was also very well designed and was laid out nicely with lots of options to choose from without feeling like there was too much going on.

Smoked Dynamite Roll & Red Dynamite Roll

I came here with my coworkers during lunch. Since all three of us were hungry, we decided to order a party tray to share. We opted for the Tom Special Roll Tray ($59.95). This included 6 different signature rolls: Red Dynamite Roll, Smoked Dynamite Roll, Snow Dragon Roll, Black Dragon Roll, Salmonholic Roll, and Rainbow Roll.

Black Dragon Roll & Salmonholic Roll

Everything was presented well and was delicious! My top three were the Rainbow Roll, Salmonholic Roll, and Smoked Dynamite Roll. The fish was fresh and the rice to filling ratio was just right. My only complaint with this particular selection is that the Red Dynamite and Smoked Dynamite rolls were too similar to be placed within the same tray. I wish they had replaced one of them with another one of their specialty rolls to provide more contrast.

Rainbow Roll & Snow Dragon Roll

The service was friendly and attentive; our tea cups were constantly refilled. Also, you can get free miso soup and a 10% discount if you are a hospital employee. You just need to show your ID badge to avail of this. I will definitely be coming back to try the other items on their menu — they have bluefin tuna specials, nigiri, box sushi, as well as cooked food like katsu, udon, and cold soba noodles!

Food – 9/10
Service – 9/10
Ambiance – 9/10
Value – 9/10


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