Kokoro Ramen

Not to be confused with my previous review of Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba, Kokoro Ramen is a different ramen shop on Victoria Dr. They had a great promotion on Groupon where you get two signature ramen for around $20 which is a pretty good deal! You can choose from these 4 options: Kokuton, Shio Tonkotsu, Akamaru, and Paitan Chicken.

Unfortunately, we had to wait a very long time before we were able to enjoy our ramen. After over 45 minutes of waiting for our orders to arrive, we decided to follow up with one of the servers only to find out that it hadn’t even been rung into the system! At this point, we were quite disappointed that our initial server who had taken our orders did not realize or attempt to follow up with the kitchen. I thought she was aware since we made eye contact several times while we were waiting. We thought that she must have noticed since other people who had arrived much later than us received their food already and were leaving!

Once the restaurant staff was made aware of this, one of the more senior members (possibly a supervisor/manager) came to us and apologized. He said that we could order anything we wanted from the dessert menu to make up for the inconvenience. He also took our orders and assured us that they would be made right away.

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Akamaru Ramen ($13.50)

I ordered the Akamaru Ramen ($13.50) which is a spicy pork broth with green onions, mushrooms, chashu, and ajitama egg. On the menu, this one had 4 chili icons next to it! I’m glad our server asked how spicy I wanted it (I asked for medium). Otherwise, it definitely would’ve been too spicy for my taste. It was pretty good but I think I prefer the Kokuton which is their most popular ramen.

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Paitan Chicken ($13.50)

DC got the Paitan Chicken ($13.50) which is a lighter broth made from chicken. It had bamboo shoots, lotus, green onions, watercress, chicken chashu, and an ajitama egg. This one was a lot lighter but still had good flavour. However, the chicken chashu was too salty.

There was actually another misunderstanding with our complimentary dessert as one of the servers said they could only offer us one ice cream (strawberry, matcha, or yuzu honey) for the two of us… We originally ordered the matcha ice cream but thankfully, the supervisor/manager came back to check up on us and asked if we had decided what we wanted for dessert. We then ordered what we really wanted, which was the Matcha Creme Brulee ($5) and the Panna Cotta with Brown Sugar ($5). 

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Matcha Creme Brulee ($5)

The Matcha Creme Brulee was amazing!! It was by far the best part of dining here today. It was rich with creamy matcha flavour and the blueberries on top added a pop of tartness. The caramelized sugar on top was was perfectly crispy and sweet. Although we got this one on the house, I wouldn’t mind paying $5 to order it again next time.

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Panna Cotta with Brown Sugar ($5)

The Panna Cotta with Brown Sugar was also really good. It wasn’t too sweet at all and the panna cotta was set perfectly. Both of these desserts were much better than expected and by the end of it all, we were actually pretty satisfied. The supervisor’s great customer service and his initiative to offer us complimentary desserts honestly made up for the blunders of the other staff. Although our dining experience started off pretty rough, it ended off on a sweet note.

Food – 8/10
Service – 7/10
Ambiance – 8/10
Value – 7/10


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