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The sisters and I wanted to treat ourselves to a nice lunch so we paid a visit to one of my personal favourite restaurants, Miku! I’m writing an updated review since my previous one was from almost 3 years ago. To be honest, not too much has changed, which is a good thing. The food is still very delicious and prepared beautifully. If you haven’t been to Miku yet, you’re missing out!

As soon as the 4 of us walked in, we were greeted and shown to our table right by the window where we had a lovely view of the waterfront. They even provided us with bottles of still and sparkling water for the table. Our server was very friendly and offered us good recommendations on what to order. Everything on the menu sounded yummy.

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Oysters on the Half Shell (MP; $24)

We had planned for oysters so we tried their Oysters on the Half Shell. These are their daily oysters so they vary from time to time and are priced at market price (MP). The ones we got were from the East Coast and were $24. You get 6 oysters with 3 different sauces on the side: wasabi chimichurri, lime leaf mignonette, and ginger cocktail sauce. The wasabi chimichurri (green one) was one of the more unique sauces that I’ve tried. We weren’t expecting them to be so small for their price, but they were very fresh and delicious with the sauces. I also wasn’t worried about getting sick from eating these raw oysters since they’re from a restaurant that I trust.

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Compliments of the manager

We were then served with some complimentary samplers. It was some sort of creamy vegetable(?) puree with crab meat and tobiko. It was a nice addition to our meal and they were presented so nicely!

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Kyoto Saikyo Miso Baked Sablefish ($27)

DC tried the Kyoto Saikyo Miso Baked Sablefish ($27) for her entree. It was served with brown rice, some veggies, and a yuzu-miso sauce. I tried a bit of her fish. It was very tender and had a nice buttery, miso taste that wasn’t too rich. We’ve had lots of sablefish before so DC doesn’t think it was the best she’s had, but it’s up there.

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Salmon Oshi ($17); 1/2 Ebi Oshi ($8.25); 1/2 Saba Oshi ($8)

Miku is known for their aburi oshi sushi, which is box-shaped sushi that’s been lightly flame-seared. I order this every time I go here– it’s simply amazing. They have 3 kinds: the Salmon Oshi Sushi ($17), Ebi Oshi Sushi ($16.50), and Saba Oshi Sushi ($16). We ordered one full order of the salmon (6pc) and half of the ebi and saba (3pc each). I remember liking the ebi the best before but this time, the salmon was the clear winner with its delicious special sauce and jalapeño on top. All of them were delicious though. And don’t they just look so sumptuous? 🙂 This is a must try if you ever visit Miku!

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Miku Zen ($28)

Next up, MC ordered the Miku Zen ($28) which is kind of like a bento box style lunch. It comes with 4 dishes chosen by the chefs along with 5 pieces of sushi and miso soup. This is actually well worth the price and it’s something I would order for myself next time! The dishes today were a poké salad, chicken with goma-ae, ebi fritter, and beef shank with mashed potatoes. All of these were delicious but I think the one that stood out for us was the poké salad. The dressing was perfect with the fresh poké. It wasn’t fishy at all! The sushi plate came with 2 pieces of salmon oshi sushi, 1 piece of a sushi roll, and 2 pieces of nigiri sushi. MC said everything was really yummy.

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Sakura Roll ($19)

Because it’s cherry blossom season, they had a separate Sakura Feature menu that’s available until April 14. CC and I ended up ordering the Sakura Roll ($19), which is on this special menu. These were so pretty! It was scallop, asparagus, and sockeye salmon wrapped with hamachi then topped with shiso leaf, golden tobiko, pickled wasabi, and a salted sakura flower. Again, this was well worth it. It was a very interesting roll and there was a good balance of flavours as well as textures. The saltiness of the sakura flower complemented the acidity of the pickled wasabi and the umami of the fish. The asparagus gave a nice, contrasting crunch as well. I thought it was a really well done and creative roll and I’m glad we were able to try it.

Dining at Miku was definitely a treat and a great way to start off the week with my sisters. All of the food was delicious and served promptly. Our only concern was that after eating the mussels, we had the empty shells on our plates but the server just picked them off without changing our plates. We thought that was a little bit strange and perhaps it would be better to provide a separate bowl or plate for the shells next time. Otherwise, everything else was superb and I would definitely go back for more. The aburi oshi sushi is a must and the Miku Zen is a good choice for lunch.

Food – 9.5/10
Service – 9/10
Ambience – 10/10
Value – 7/10

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