Poke Five

Poke Five is a great option if you’re into poke bowls. It’s a lot cleaner-looking and the ingredients are more fresh compared to the other poke places I’ve been to. You can choose to customize your bowl by picking toppings and sauces or you can get a signature bowl, which is already pre-set with all the ingredients.

The essentials

Add-ons: veggies, sauces, egg

I was invited to try one of their 5 signature bowls today so I got The Drive which has salmon, shrimp, crab, avocado, edamame, cucumber, radish, jalapeno, teri-mayo sauce, seaweed, and tobiko. My boyfriend got the Akuma Tuna, which was apparently ranked 3rd in the best poke challenge! It had ahi tuna, kimchi, avocado, tobiko, teri-mayo sauce, and the best component, a shoyu egg! All bowls come with kale. They also flame torch the seafood for both of these bowls which is a great touch. To top it all off, you can add up to 3 toppings to your bowl ranging from wasabi peas, fried garlic, tempura bits, walnuts, toasted coconut, ramen bits, etc.


Our poke bowls were prepared very nicely. I was surprised at how so many different ingredients were assembled in a way that looked really presentable and delicious. And the portions were much bigger than expected! I wish that the kale pieces were smaller though.. because some of the ones we got were a mouthful and kale isn’t exactly the softest thing to eat.

Akuma Tuna

Both bowls were tasty but I liked the Akuma Tuna better. Its flavours were more prominent and it had more moisture compared to The Drive, which I felt was a bit dry and lacking in sauces. I think the kimchi component in the Akuma Tuna also helped a lot in providing some extra moisture and a refreshing, pickled taste. The shoyu egg was marinated well and cooked just right.

The Drive

The Drive was good too but I couldn’t really fully appreciate all the different types of seafood (salmon, shrimp, crab) because there wasn’t a lot of each item, and their flavours were masked by everything else in the bowl. I do like the option of variety, but I feel like something that just focuses on one type of seafood/protein such as the Akuma Tuna packs in a lot more flavour. One thing that I really liked about The Drive, though, was the wakame seaweed on top.

Overall, a really solid meal from this relatively new restaurant. I noticed a lot of people eating here and getting takeout so I hope it continues to do well because it is one of the nicer poke shops around Vancouver. The nice thing is that it’s very accessible too, being just one block away from Commercial-Broadway Station. I wouldn’t mind coming back again to try their other signature bowls or to create my own 😉

Food – 8/10

Ambiance – 8/10

Value – 8/10


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