D’oro Gelato & Caffè

After our delicious dinner at Joe Fortes, NW and I wanted to walk around. We ended up on Robson St and came across this new gelato place. Actually, it used to be called Gelarmony but they just changed their name last month.


D’oro Gelato & Caffè

The interior was well-lit and there were several tables.It wasn’t very busy when we went so we just sat there and chatted while eating our gelato. It’s a nice place to chill. I was impressed with their selection of gelato. There were a lot of different flavours — fruity, coffee, chocolate, vanilla, black sesame, pistachio, etc. You can also order coffee or tea to go with it but they provide lemon water for free.


Dolce latte (top), creme brulee (bottom)

After sampling a couple of different kinds, we finally decided on 2 scoops of the dolce latte and creme brulee. Both were very, very sweet. As soon as I tried it, I regretted ordering two sweet flavours. The dolce latte tasted like caramel and it had syrup on top as well. The creme brulee was very creamy and sweet. I actually liked this one better though; I thought the dolce latte was way too sweet… I had to drink a lot of water after.

The gelato wasn’t bad but I don’t know if 2 scoops in a bowl is worth over $6… it seems that the price had increased from $4.20. Also, I didn’t enjoy it as much because I ordered 2 sweet flavours 😦 . Note to self: pair a sweet one with a fruity/sour/light one next time.

Food – variable

Ambience – 9/10

Value – 6.5/10
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