Ken’s Chinese Restaurant 南軒中西美食

For dinner last night, I went to Ken’s Chinese Restaurant on Kingsway with my family. It was our first time there so I am super excited to write about it here and share it with you guys. 🙂

Ken's Chinese Restaurant

Ken’s Chinese Restaurant

My family picked all the dishes since I never don’t usually order at Chinese restaurants. There’s just too much selection and I am very indecisive… After a good couple of minutes staring at the packed menu, we (more like they) decided on 5 dishes: Curry Beef Brisket, Eggplant in Spicy Chili Garlic Hot Pot, Free-Range Chicken, Tofu with Seasonal Vegetables, and Fish with Bok Choy.


Pork Bone Soup

First up, we got a complimentary bowl of pork bone soup. It was very flavourful (I don’t know if it was from the MSG or if it’s natural) but it was good either way. Unfortunately everyone was so eager to try it and I was a bit late to snap a picture so this is not really representative of the actual serving size :P.

Fish & Bok Choy

Fish & Bok Choy

The fish was okay. There was nothing special about it so I don’t have much to say about it. The bok choy was not good. It was very difficult to chew since it was too tough and stringy. We ended up not finishing this dish and we didn’t even take it home with us.


Curry Beef Brisket

The first few bites of the curry beef brisket were good. I thought the beef was tender and the potatoes were starchy. However, after several bites of this dish I got sick of it easily. The curry was not the best. It was a bit too heavy for my liking and I still prefer Japanese style curry.


Free-Range Chicken

This is the free-range chicken. It was sort of like a Hainanese style chicken with a ginger and onion sauce on the side. My first piece of chicken was a bit horrifying. There were parts of the chicken that had a slightly bloody taste. However, I gave it another shot and other pieces were fine. Just beware of eating the meat too close to the bone I guess…


Tofu and Shrimp with Vegetables

The tofu had a silky consistency so it was cooked well but it was a bit bland. Could’ve had more seasoning. The rest of the dish was pretty good. There were pieces of carrots, shrimp, broccoli, and chicken. This is a good dish to order if you want an assortment of food.


Eggplant in Spicy Chili and Garlic Hot Pot

The eggplant was by far the best dish that we had. DC is a fan of eggplants so we always order it when we go to Chinese restaurants. Thus, I’ve had my share of eggplant dishes. This one was really yummy though. The eggplant was soft and smooth and it wasn’t too mushy. There were also some mushrooms and minced pork with it. The sauce was lovely — it was sweet and savoury and mildly spicy but even though it says spicy chili, it wasn’t really… Even people who don’t eat spicy food can eat this. I basically just ate this with the steamed rice and I was happy.


Red Bean Soup

To finish off our meal, we were given complimentary red bean soup. The dreaded red bean soup. Haha, it’s not actually bad.. I just don’t personally like it. I always give it away to one of my family members. This time, I gave about half of my bowl to BC. He had a difficult time finishing it since he was already so full :D.

Overall, we were satisfied with this place. It wasn’t the best but it’s not a bad place to go to and try out. Also, the service was surprisingly on point (you don’t expect that at Chinese restaurants). Our server was friendly and always on the ball with refilling our tea. She even exchanged our dirty plates for new ones. If you do go here, I definitely recommend the eggplant dish that we ordered.

Cool thing about this restaurant too is that you can order food online! Check out their website here: Ken’s Chinese Restaurant

Food – 7/10

Service –  9/10

Ambience – 6/10

Would I go back? Probably not unless I’m already in the area.

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